One week hiking & sailing with Hobie kayaks : “Tromsø, the wild coast “

Check-in: 09h00 Check-out: 08h00


Explore the Norvegian fjords of Tromsø area wild coast

The maritime zone we invite you to explore is near the small island of Sommarøy in Northern Norway, a gorgeous place at the edge of fjords and the open sea. This is the otter’s, puffin’s and sea eagle’s area.

This stay is specially designed for those who like to hike, sail and camp off the beaten path. We can stop on several islands : Tussøya, Høgøya, Håja, Sessøya, Gjøssøya, Vengsøya, Rebbenesøya, and Hersøya, just to mention a few. The walks are based on the overall group level. Walks are suited to meet everyone’s preference. Our trips are not made for extremists.

24-hour daylight in summer until the end of August. Midnight sun from May 22nd  to July 22nd.

Children accompanied by an adult, are accepted from 10 years old. They must share a sailing kayak with an adult in charge.




Program of the trip

• Saturday morning 9 am: Start of the trip, gear check-up + get-used-to, packing waterproof bags, departure for a 6-day hiking trip & sailing kayak. Short distances are covered every day by sailing or using leg power. We will spend every night at the bivouac, which will be situated close to the next-day walk. Hiking possibilities are numerous and varied, the adventure playground is immense, choices are practically unlimited.

• Back to the small fishing village of Sommarøy on Thursday by the end of the afternoon.

• End of the trip Thursday 6 pm

Energy and power:
Bring sufficient batteries for five days. We are equipped with a solar panel that is dedicated, for obvious reasons, to our means of communication (weather and safety).
220 volts with plug European standard at the hotel.

This trip is supervised by one English and French speaking guide.
Between hiking and kayaking, our guide will meet the group’s requirements so that the stay remains under the sign of relaxation, fun and a great outdoor life.

Equipment provided:
Collective equipment for the camp: stoves, tents, floor mats, sleeping bag, liner, one double sailing kayak (Hobie Tandem Island), a waterproof drysuit, a pair of Crocs,  1 waterproof bag 50 liters by person for personal belongings, a waterproof radio, a life jacket.

Personal equipment required:
– Small vanity case and personal pharmacy
– Towel
– pocket knife
– Large peaked cap or flexible broad-brimmed hat for sun protection
– Rain cape
– Warm hat, beanie or balaclava
– Sun glasses and sunscreen
– Headlamp to search in the bag
– All cut wind and waterproof jacket pants (Gore-Tex or Kway)
– Thick fleece jacket or small dawn jacket
– T-shirts long sleeves (quick dry)
– Under synthetic clothing (quick dry)
– Warm gloves (quick dry)
– Swimsuit
– Bring a waterproof case for your photo equipment on board sailyaks.
– Spare batteries in sufficient quntity for the week.
– Walking shoes, waterproof and high enough to go through wet areas and swamps (early season)
– Backpacking gear for the day (30/40 liters, luggage cabin)
– Hikes are usually off track, do not hesitate to take walking sticks if necessary
– 3 or 4 pairs of socks (light, quick dry and warm)

There is the possibility to leave luggage in Sommarøy with the clothes and personal belongings which you will not need during the trip.


Accommodation during the expedition

In double tent. A collective tent hosts meals cooking and stands as gathering place as well as collective hardware storage place.



All meals will be prepared on the field. Participation is welcome to optimize the organization of the camp.


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