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cours et location de Stand Up Paddle Hobie au 69 NORD Sommaroy

The inflatable SUP rental kit includes: 1 SUP, 1 fin, 1 paddle, 1 leash, 1 pump, 1 storage bag, life jacket.

If needed, you can rent , dry suit (220 nok each), waterproof VHF and waterproof bags.

A large and protected body of water

The many barriers, islands and deserted islets of the archipelago of Sommarøy offer a vast and protected body of water where you will be free to paddle wherever you like.

Great Landscapes

In the background, the mountains give the landscapes a greatness and majesty conducive to stop time. Many breaks are possible on the deserted beaches. This activity is ideal to relax and detach yourself for some time. From the first paddle strokes, you will feel in an adventurous and contemplative mood, blending into the immensity of Northern Norway wilderness.

© Hobie SUP
© Hobie SUP

Ability to see otters, seals and birds from approaching close

SUP can be a really quiet activity so may witness unspoiled wildlife scenes. With a little luck you can observe one or more otters among the population that inhabits the archipelago. Sometimes a curious seal shows the tip of his nose. On the islands, the numerous seabirds are kings.

Why not practice SUP in mountain lakes ?

You can rent an inflatable SUP for several days to practice the activity on places you will choose along fjords and maybe in the mountain lakes to give more spice to your walks. An inflatable SUP weighs from 10 to 12 kilograms, so it is easily transported by one person.


Program of the rental

Departure and return to “69Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center”
Handling equipment. Checking weather conditions for the coming hours. You may then leave for a few hours of relaxation. Back at the base end of the period, rinsing the equipment.


Technical and physical level

Good physical condition is required. It is up to you to evaluate your technical level. BE AWARE that Stand Up Paddle is accessible to many people but it remains a sport that can be learned. You can take one or more courses of initiation if you wish.


No specific guidance. A safety boat is ready to take action if necessary.


From May to September and by appointment outside of these dates.


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69Nord_AS : Sommaroy Outdoor Center

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