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Stopover : San Francisco (United States)
(10 - 17 November, 2008 )
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Around North America, Photo Gallery

San Francisco (United States)
(10 - 17 November, 2008 )

13 November , 2008 (Onboard time = UTC - 8)
San Francisco
22h50 local time

The San Francisco pit-stop has been so far extremely busy. The expedition is having a great success, which we are ecstatic about. As a result it is becoming more and more difficult to update the logbook during the stop-overs. The interviews, video shootings and conferences are pilling up in our agenda every day. We are continuing our investigation to look for people searching for innovative solutions of alternative sources of energy. In that order the Silicon Valley is pretty well suited to answer these questions.
We decided to go briefly back in time to use the photo of the Southern Star entering the San Francisco Bay for the picture of the day.
Dear readers of our logbook who have waited the updates during our leg Vancouver-San Francisco please accept our apologies. The 2 persons responsible for the updates on the website were either onboard (Vonne Blanchet) or preparing their own navigation (Alain Drujon) towards Turkey from Vancouver. Finally everything is back in order and you will find the details of our daily adventure as soon as our departure from San Francisco.

Arrival under the Golden Gate Bridge - Vincent Berthet

Arrival under the Golden Gate Bridge
Photo Vincent Berthet
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