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Stop over in Pond Inlet
Nunavut - Canada
(August 4 - 8, 2008 )

August 7, 2008 (Onboard time = UTC - 4)
Pond Inlet (Nunavut - Canada)

22h25 local time

Meetings and interviews were as rewarding as yesterday. We're touched by the love people have for their region and the sensibility they have toward the environment. While talking with leaders of the community, such as the deputy mayor Israel Mablick, we talk about the cultural choc the Inuit had to face to adapt to a modern life. Elders are worried about the preservation of their identity. Younger generations do not listen the elders anymore. The community is loosing its oral culture.

Between tradition and modernism  - Gabriel Pitras

Between tradition and modernism
Photo Gabriel Pitras
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August 6, 2008 (Onboard time = UTC - 4)
Pond Inlet (Nunavut - Canada)

22h30 local time

Today we had very interesting interviews about global warming with with two former politicians and an artist. All of them are hunters and can see drastic change in ice conditions.
Once again we had met beautifull people, joyfull with a big potential for adaptation.

Video shooting at Pond Inlet - Gabriel Pitras

Video shooting at Pond Inlet
Photo Gabriel Pitras
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August 5, 2008 (Onboard time = UTC - 4)
Pond Inlet (Nunavut - Canada)

23h20 local time

We spent the whole day refilling and carrying our drums of diesel and water. This maneuver fully occupied 8 of us: 3 on shore, 3 on board and 2 in the dinghy. What a relief to have the drums all full and onboard this evening.
We received great leads to conduct our field work. Tomorrow, we start the interviews.
Just a while ago, we were disturbed by growlers and bergy bits which had fallen from a grounded iceberg.  A big piece got trapped in the chain. Finally, it drifts away without making any damage.  It’s amazing how powerful ice can be with the current.

water and fuel refilling - Gabriel Pitras

Water and Fuel refilling
Photo Gabriel Pitras
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August 4, 2008 (Onboard time = UTC - 4)
Pond Inlet (Nunavut - Canada)

23h30 local time

Today the village is quiet. It's a holyday. We went for a walk downtown but everything was closed which is normal. Then we took this opportunity to collect samples and refill our tanks from the drums we have onboard for this purpose. Pond Inlet does not have any dock and we are obligated to get water and fuel onboard by ourselves. That's our job for tomorrow.

Anchorage Pond Inlet - Delphine Maratier
Anchorage in Pond Inlet
Photo Delphine Maratier
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