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Stopover : Newport (US)
(March 15 to 23, 2009 )
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Around North America, Photo Gallery

Newport (US)
(March 15 to 23, 2009 )

March 23, 2009 (time onboard = UTC - 4)
Newport, Rhode Island
41°29’N – 071°19’W
22h40 local time

Our stop over in Newport was finally quite busy. Interviews with specialists in Paleoclimatology were very interesting. We learn it was possible to know about our climate 65 millions years ago by collecting sample of sediments in the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean. The two persons we have interviewed (Kate Moran from URI and Bill Curry from WHOI) are clear, this climate change is a way faster than all others as far as we can see.
We are still at the very hospitable Newport Yacht Club. We will set sails only tomorrow morning. Both the weather forecast and some logistic matters incited us to delayed our departure for 24 hours.

Getting Ready
Photo Knut Vibé
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