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Stopover : Halifax (Canada)
(March 29 to April 5, 2009 )
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Halifax (Canada)
(March 29 to April 4, 2009 )

April 5, 2009 (time onboard = UTC - 4)
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
44°37’N – 63°34’W
12h00 local time

We will set sail only tomorrow. We are missing two crew members, they will arrive tonight. It’s raining today in Halifax. We take the advantage of this “extra day” to fix all kinds all details that we usually do not have the time to deal with. The picture with the snow was taken last Monday, since we had all kinds of weather.
This week, we met as planned experts on fishing industry (“Fisheries and Oceans Canada” and experts from St Mary and Dalhousie universities. After the cod crisis, fishermen went on lobsters to save their economy but experts are clear, the actual way of fishing is not sustainable. One of the solutions will be to develop coastal fishing instead of big off shore trawlers and aquaculture of non meat eating fishes to maintain the chain food in open water.

Halifax sous la neige
Photo Vincent Berthet
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