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Stopover : Dutch Harbour (Alaska)
(24 - 26 Septembre, 2008 )
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Dutch Harbor (Alaska)
53°54’N – 166°30’W
(24 - 26 September, 2008 )

24 and 25 September , 2008 (Onboard time = UTC - 8)
Dutch Harbor , Spit Dock
22h00 local time

The technical stop is very busy at Dutch Harbor. Rotation of crew, foods supply, fixing the rudder, maintenance, diesel, water, mail, CD, DVD.
Tomorrow will be the same.

26 September
It’s 11 PM on Friday when we get rid of our technical list. We’re tired but satisfied. Everything went well and we can set sails in time. About Dutch Harbor, we did not see much. Our call was more like a stop of a formule 1 to the stand or a “touch and go”.

Orthodox Church - Dominique Pépin

Orthodox church - Unalaska
Photo Dominique Pépin
Casiers de crabe royal - Monique Douard
For royal crab
Photo Monique Douard
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