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6 days, 7 nights

From June to August

€ 1.980


Remarkably rich waters

The ribs and the benches that stretch the limits of the continental shelf of northern Norway are among the richest fishing waters in the world. The area in which we operate is the coastal area largely protected from the swell by benches and low islands. We can fish for halibut, coalfish, wolffish and cod of course.

Sailing kayaks are very stable and fast, with high load capacity.

The Hobie Tandem Island kayaks are 3 meter wide trimarans which gives them an incomparable stability. Easy to maneuver, they allows you to move easily and effortlessly while the Mirage Drive propulsion system helps keep hands free at all times, remaining fast despite the lack of wind. The 100 kg load capacity, allows us to bring the wood, for example, so we are able to grill and eat fishes we didn’t release. The islands on which we stop are fragile ecosystems on which we strive to leave the least possible footprints.

The presence of many seabirds can quickly identify hunts.

Seabirds in large numbers in the region are also fond of fish and help us to easily identify where the fishes are. Those who discover the wild coast of Troms are immediately surprised by the clarity and purity of water.

Fishes we didn’t released will be grilled on the evening firewood

At night, the midnight sun leaves no room for the night for two months and the evenings can last forever. Fishes grilled on firewood, is a simple and authentic pleasure that recharges the batteries for a very long time



Program of the trip

D-1: Friday, a minibus waiting at 19h at the airport to board Tromsø to Sommarøy an hour away. 20h: Arrival at “Sommarøy Arctic Hotel», welcome, presentation and check in for the first night

J1: Saturday morning 9h00: Visit the center, 800 meters from the hotel. Getting started with equipment and kayaks, loading kayaks for 6 days of autonomy.
Preliminary initiation for beginners and reminder of the main maneuvers for confirmed.
Departure to 12 / 13h towards the first fishing site. Setting up camp night under the tent … but there is no night …

J2 5: Departure for Haja. The island stands a steep and imposing cliff to sea, but the east coast is home to a highly protected bivouac site. All around the nearby rocky barriers á awash are all well protected fishing sites. When the weather is mild, it is possible to venture on the outside. The next day the group took the path of Ersfjord. The fjord opens on the west coast of Kvaløya and penetrates the heart of a mountain range. We then head to the Tromvik Grøtfjord region and to discover other sites or fishing can be miraculous.

Generally, we try to navigate in the morning to set up camp at midday and finish the day, why not, by another small fishing trip before returning to camp under the midnight sun.

J6: Thursday, small outlet in the morning then sail to Sommarøy. Back in the center at 16:00 sailyak unloading, rinsing and storing equipment.
18:00, check in at hotel

D6 + 1: then taxi Check out between 8 and 10am (depending on flight schedules) to Tromsø Airport.

This trip ends on Friday (D6 + 1) on arrival the taxi from the airport in Tromsø

Energy :

Provide plenty of batteries for five days. We are equipped with a solar panel that is dedicated, for obvious reasons, the responsibility of our means of communication for the weather and relief.

You will find 220 volts with plug European standard at the hotel.


This visit is framed by 1 fishing  and Hobie Kayaks guide speaking French and English up to 5 persons and 2 guides above 5 persons. They will meet the group’s requirements so that the stay remains under a relaxed, fun and sportive atmosphere.

Equipment provided:

All the material for the expedition, group equipment for the camp, tents. One double kayak (Hobie Tandem Island), a waterproof gear, 1 waterproof bag 50 liters / person for personal belongings, a waterproof radio, a safety vest.

Personal equipment required:

  • Your personal fishing equipment. We will give you weeks before your departure the fishing material you need.
  • Sleeping bag 0 degrees.
  • Sleeping bag
  • Small toilets package and personal pharmacy
  • towel
  • pocket knife
  • Large peaked cap or flexible broad-brimmed hat for sun protection
  • Rain cape
  • Warm hat or balaclava
  • sunglasses
  • Headlamp to search in the bag
  • All cut wind and waterproof jacket pants (Gore-Tex or Kway or even waxed)
  • Thick fleece jacket or small jacket
  • T shirts long sleeve technology (fast drying)
  • Synthetic clothing (fast drying)
  • Warm gloves (fast drying)
  • swimsuit
  • Provide a waterproof case for your photo equipment on board sailyaks.
  • Spare batteries required amount for the week.
  • Light sandals type “teeth” will be pleasant or bivouac as well as navigation.
  • High and tight stem walking shoes for wet grounds (early season) if you want to occasionally walk a little
  • 3 or 4 pairs of socks “loops” (mild and hot)


There is the possibility to leave luggage in Sommarøy with street clothes and effects which you will not need during the stay.


The first and last night are the “Sommarøy Arctic Hotel». The other 5 nights are in tents.


Dinners of the first and last night and breakfast the first and last night are taken to the hotel. All other meals will be in the field. Participation is welcome to optimize the organization of the camp.

Fishing & Sailyak 1 : from Friday 10th to Friday 17h June
Fishing & Sailyak 2 : from Friday, July 29th to Friday, August 5th
Fishing & Sailyak 3 : from Friday 5th to Friday 12th August


The price includes :

Airport transfers, 2 nights hotel + breakfasts, six days of guiding by 1 fishing and sailing kayak guide up to 5 persons and 2 guides above 5 persons, the expedition gear. The Sailyak, a dry suit, lifejacket and safety equipment, a waterproof bag, a waterproof VHF / GPS radio, camping equipment, food, sailyak-related insurance.

The price does not include:

Flights, two dinners at the hotel, fishing equipment, personal sports insurance and repatriation.


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Registration: Week fishing  and camping, Sailing Kayak, Tromsø, the wild coast.

The fishing kayaks will stay from Friday to Friday 8:00 6:00 p.m., choose the date that suits you below to be redirected to our online registration form.

Fishing & Sailyak trips :

Fishing & Sailyak 1 : from Friday 10th to Friday 17h June
Fishing & Sailyak 2 : from Friday, July 29th to Friday, August 5th
Fishing & Sailyak 3 : from Friday 5th to Friday 12th August