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Mai to September
From 1 hour
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Our kayak rental deals

A kayak instructor teaches you the essential basics so you can quickly evolve independently in calm weather.

Hobie Tandem Island : hybrid sailing kayak for 2 persons
Hobie Adventure Island : hybrid sailing kayak for 1 person
Hobie Pro Angler : fishing kayak for 1 person
Hobie Oasis :  touring kayak for 2 persons
Type Duration Price (nok) Price (nok/pers) Reference
Hybrid sailing kayak
   Hobie Tandem Island 4 hours 1400 700 69NS-SK1
   Hobie Tandem Island 7 hours 2180 1090 69NS-SK2
   Hobie Adventure Island 4 hours 1100 1100 69NS-SK3
   Hobie Adventure Island 7 hours 1500 1500 69NS-SK4
Fishing kayak and  touring kayak
   Hobie Pro Angler 4 hours 1090 1090 69NS-FK1
   Hobie Pro Angler 7 hours 1640 1640 69NS-FK2
   Hobie Oasis 1 hour 520 260 69NS-TK1
   Hobie Oasis 2 hours 890 445 69NS-TK2
   Hobie Oasis 4 hours 1300 650 69NS-TK3
   Hobie Oasis 7 hours 1740 870 69NS-TK4

All our Hobie kayaks are equiped with Mirage Drive pedals system, a tremendous progress in the kayak’s world. You can of course use padles if you wish

Should you need it, you can rent : dry suit (220 nok/day), waterproof bag.

To ensure your safety and the safety of the equipment, a course is  mandatory for beginners before you can rent a sailing kayak. Those with sailing experience should simply demonstrate their ability to drive the vehicle before departure (going to and off the beach, tack, jibe, etc).




Departure and return from “69Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center”. The rental starts by handling equipment and getting weather information for the coming hours. It is then up to you to leave for a few hours of relaxation and exploration. Back to the base at the end of rental period, rinsing and storage of the gear.

Technical and physical skills

A good physical condition is required. Technical skills are up to you to evaluate. BE AWARE that sailing kayak rental is not possible for beginners, training courses are open to teach you the basics before you can rent a sailing kayak.


No specific supervision. A safety boat is ready to help you, should it be necessary.

From May to September.


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Booking Hobie kayak rental


Contact Olivier Pitras
00 47 993 62 570

As soon as possible and the latest on the day before, 5 pm.
Do not forget to mention the date of the day you wish to join, your full name, a telephone number to reach you and number of participants.


Your reservation will be confirmed by email or SMS. No reservation, you can call or drop by to check out our availibility.

Payment before departure by Visa or Mastercard card.

Mirage Tandem Island - Hobie Kayak
Mirage Tandem Island – Hobie Kayak
Mirage Pro Angler 14 - Hobie Kayak
Mirage Pro Angler 14 – Hobie Kayak
Mirage Outback - Hobie Island
Mirage Outback – Hobie Kayak
Mirage Oasis - Hobie Island
Mirage Oasis – Hobie Kayak
Mirage Adventure Island - Hobie Kayak
Mirage Adventure Island – Hobie Kayak