In Tromsø, we can observe the northern lights from mid-September to mid-April about. All activities are you can see below.

The auroral has no connection with night or daytime phases of the earth. It is a phenomenon related to solar storms which particles are captured or specifically ionized by the Earth’s magnetic field. That is why they are observable only near the polar regions (Northern lights in the northern hemisphere and aurora australis in the southern hemisphere). The color of the aurora depends on the rare gas that passes through the solar flux and can vary from green to red but it is still a phenomenon of relatively low light intensity compared to the sun itself, which is why it takes the dark to be able to observe them. “The season of the Northern Lights” is a shortcut to express “the viewing season,” knowing that the phenomenon can take place in a period of midnight sun, but in this case will be impossible to see with the naked eye.



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“Whales and Northern Lights”

5 days, 6 nights.

November – December

During the fall, humpback and killer whales enter the fjords of Western Kvaløya Island (the island of whale in Norwegian). A good opportunity for lovers of marine mammals to enjoy this incredible show and admire breath-taking northern lights.

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Voilier Southern Star Ski voile

Ski-Sailing on board “Southern Star”

7 days
mi February – early May

In Norway, mountains and the sea interlace without end to form a labyrinth of fjords, which are the ideal place to practice joint activities linked to these two very different elements. The unusual alliance of the sea and mountains only makes sense here. So what’s more natural than to step onboard a sailing boat for a week of skiing?

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One-day trip “Whales” on “Southern Star”

7 hours

November – December

These autumnal trips allow to encounter humpback whales and killer whales entering the fjords of Western Kvaløya Island (the island of whale in Norwegian). A good opportunity for lovers of marine mammals to enjoy from a close viewpoint this incredible show.

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Kayaking with whales, Sailing kayak

4 hours

November – December – January

Get ready for a lifetime whale watching day trip in the fjords of Kvaløya. You will approach whales in silence without disturbing them, in the greatest respect for animals and nature on a hybrid two-seat sailing kayak (Hobie Mirage Island type), fast and stable. Sailing notions are recommended.

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