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June, July 2020
6 days, 6 nuits.
1850 €/pers


14800€/10 pers

A wide choice of stop-overs and walks.

The coast in this region has many islands and islets that constitute a broad protected marine area. These wild islands offer an extremely varied choice of stop-overs and hikes.

A real pearl of nature off the beaten track

This authenticity preserved, turquoise waters and beautiful scenery make this area a pearl of nature. This trip provide access to isolated and wild places, off the beaten tracks but also allow you to discover the life of the small community of Sommarøy and see the playgroung around from different perspective.


This stay spreads from Saturday 09h00 to Friday 08h00. Full lodging onboard our sailing boat “Southern Star”.

The 6 will be organised as follow :
– 2 days, 1 night hiking sailing with Southern Star
– 4 days, 5 nights docked at Sommarøy for the others activities : 1 day Hobie sailing kayak, 1 day biking, 1 day hiking (approach by bikes) and 1 day off.

The team stays together for the activities all over the week.

Embarking onboard Southern Star Saturday 9h00

All together,  we organize the schedule of the week according with the weather forecast and everyone’s expectations.

To participate you need to be in a physical good shape enough to hold :

  • Hiking : 200 to 600 meters off track, duration 4 to 5 hours (From Sommarøy, prior access by bikes, 10 kms round trip)
  • Biking : circuits between 28 and 50 kilometers for the day with stops to catch the ferry to and from  Senja + Picnic
  • Hobie sailing kayak : Around 5 hours of navigation during the day
  • Southern Star : 4 hours sailing by day + hiking 200 to 600 meters off track.
  • Day off : in general at the end of the week but we can use anytime as bumper for weather conditions.

Disembarking on Friday 08h00

Energy and power:
Bring sufficient batteries for five days.
220 volts with plug European standard on board.

This trip is supervised by English and French speaking guides.
Between hiking, biking, sailing and kayaking, our guide will meet the group’s requirements so that the stay remains under the sign of relaxation, fun and a great outdoor life.

Equipment provided:
All specific equipment for the excursion, bikes, helmet. For kayaks, one double sailing kayak (Hobie Tandem Island), a waterproof drysuit, 1 waterproof bag 50 liters by person for personal belongings, a waterproof radio, a life jacket, sleeping bag, liner, sheet, pillow case.

Personal equipment required:
– Small vanity case and personal pharmacy
– Towel
– pocket knife
– Large peaked cap or flexible broad-brimmed hat for sun protection
– Rain cape
– Warm hat, beanie or balaclava
– Sun glasses and sunscreen
– Headlamp to search in the bag
– All cut wind and waterproof jacket pants (Gore-Tex or Kway)
– Thick fleece jacket or small dawn jacket
– T-shirts long sleeves (quick dry)
– Under synthetic clothing (quick dry)
– Warm gloves (quick dry)
– Swimsuit
– Spare batteries in sufficient quantity for the week.
– Walking shoes, waterproof and high enough to go through wet areas and swamps (early season)
– Backpacking gear for the day (30/40 liters, luggage cabin)
– Hikes are usually off track, do not hesitate to take walking sticks if necessary
– 3 or 4 pairs of socks (light, quick dry and warm)

Do not forget to read our “practical information” in the footer and of course do not hesitate to contact us if needed 🙂  

Lodging onboard SV “Southern Star”
  • Capacity : 10 guests
  • 5 cabins
  • 3 WC with toilet and sink
  • 1 shower

2 cabins with stacked bunks and 3 cabins with juxtaposed bunks. A wooden board can keep berth separated from each other.

June, July 2020

Multi-activity 1 : From Saturday, June 20th (09h00) to Friday, June 26th (08h00)
Multi-activity 2 : From Saturday, July 4th (09h00) to Friday, July 10th (08h00)
 Multi-activity 3 : From Saturday, July 25th (09h00) to Friday, July 31st (08h00)

The price includes :

Full boarding on Southern Star, all gear and equipment for kayaking, sailing, biking. Maritime insurance.

The price does not include :

Flights, transfers from and to airport*, the first night* and dinner at the hotel if needed, personal insurance, cancellation, rapatriation.
* see further down “How to reach our base in Sommarøy” 

Booking 2020 : Multi-activity Tromsø, the wild coast – base camp “Southern Star”

To register, please contact Olivier Pitras
by email : info@69nord.com
by tlf : 0047 993 62 570

June, July, 2020

Multi-activity 1 : From Saturday, June 20th (09h00) to Friday, June 26th (08h00)
Multi-activity 2 : From Saturday, July 4th (09h00) to Friday, July 10th (08h00)
 Multi-activity 3 : From Saturday, July 25th (09h00) to Friday, July 31st (08h00)


How to reach our base in Sommarøy ?
We are at 55kms from Tromsø airport

© Olivier Pitras
© Olivier Pitras

For those arriving by their own means:
see Google Maps at the bottom of the page to locate us.

For those arriving by plane: the arrival airport is Tromsø Langnes, you will need to travel on Fridays From the airport, public transport is limited. In addition, the Arctic Hotel in Sommarøy might lack availability, therefore we encourage you to book as soon as possible.
We can take care of it with negotiated prices:

The hotel in Sommarøy:
– 1015 Nok / night in a single room
– 1280 Nok / night in a double room
– 1800 Nok / night in triple room

Airport transfers:
1050 Nok / pers / round trip

Note: for this transfer, only one transportation is possible, it implies that you may have to wait. The negotiated fare is valid for a group of min. 4 people ; if you do not reach this number of participants, contact us before you book your flight. We ask you not to arrive in Tromsø after 18:30 and not to take off before 10:00.  If this solution suits you, just tell us by e-mail, we take care of it. Payment for these external services will be made separately.

Other alternatives to reach us :


Taxi :
Tromsø Taxi 
Din Taxi

Accomodation Tromsø downtown, our suggestion

69Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center © Gøran Mikkelsen
69Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center © Gøran Mikkelsen