Yes ! We do provide sleeping mat or matress, Sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner, sheet, pillow case.

 As yet, we got guests from 21 to 72 years old. There is no special restriction. Our sailing trips are accessible to all of those who want to discover the beauty of the Arctic regions and who like to be involved in the trip. The standards of our boat give everyone a good comfort

On board “Southern Star”: No, beginners are accepted on all trips leaving from Sommarøy. A big sailing boat gives everyone the possibility to practice whatever their experience is. Beginners and confirmed navigators all together give to the crew a good balance and everyone can focus on the area in which he/she wants to progress.

Sailyak: beginners are accepted too. This craft is easy to handle. It is also a two-person seater, so one beginner will sail with a confirmed crew. The learning stage is done quickly. The guide can also advise you at all times during the stay.

No, a good general physical condition is enough. People who like outdoor activities like walking in the nature are very OK to embark.

 There are double cabins, bunbeds or side by side. Each side by side berth can be separated by a plank to makes everyone’s room individualised. Each cabin has lockers or drawers. Your luggage can stay in your cabin too, within range.

On board “Southern Star”: Trips are organisedin summer time. The temperatures are mild and the boat is heated. Of course, you will need warm clothes and a good sleeping bag (see our Advices section). Then there is no reason for suffering from the cold. The boat provides a comfortable interior that help quickly warming up when coming from outside. There is a heated closet on board to dry wet clothing. The cockpit is protected by a spray dodger that isolates us from the cold while maintaining contact with the elements and keeping visibility on the sails up.

Sailyak: The selected equipment for the bivouac is top-quality. The activity while navigating keeps people warm and short distances are covered every day. The pilots’ seats are located on the deck and therefore remain isolated from the water. During summer, the temperatures can rise to 25 ° C and stays on average around 10/12 ° C.

In continental Norway, the weather can be humid, long period of sun shine exists of course.The temperature oscillates between 6 and 12 degrees C, with peaks which could reach 19 degrees C. To Tromso, the midnight sun lasts from May 22nd till July 20th.

Like a real crew, all together we are building the adventure. Manoeuvring, choosing the route and anchorages, watching the weather forecast and ice conditions, cooking, etc. Of course all maintenance and technical aspect are not your’s. We know by experience that our organisation gives everyone long moments to relax, read, or watch the nature.

Regarding the navigation part, the boat is equiped with first class off shore equipment.
We also provide you with cold-water survival drysuits.
On top of that, because we are visiting remote places, we have an IRIDIUM telephone (Email + telephone), 1 fixed VHF and 2 mobile VHFs to keep contact between the boat and the shore when a team is on trek. For Spitsbergen, we have a gun for polar bears protection. The governor of Svalbard doesn’t give a choice. Every group who goes on shore must be equiped with a gun.