You will find on this page practical informations to better prepare your vacation. Scroll down or select a specific topic to see it.

Accomodation & food at Sommarøy

Sommarøy Arctic Hotel  is situated 800 meters away from our Outdoor Center. This cosy and comfortable hotel with good and friendly hospitality can provide a big choice of rooms and cabins all over the year .

If you wish to be more independant, you can rent cosy rooms at 200 meters from us to Bernt Hansen with private shower/toilet and collective kitchen/dining & rest rooms.

The snack restaurant  Havfrua is open for lunch time at 300 meters.

A well provided minimarket and Post Office is 200 meters away


Tromø Bus Charter organize taxi services on request


Please take a soft luggage (backpack or travel bag, suitcases are difficult to store on board Southern Star or in a storage room during kayaks trips).

Do not forget to bring:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream (face), lip balm with sun protection
  • Complete toiletry kit, including towel.

Note : We do provide all equipments for the night in all our activities. 

If you are subject to sea-sickness and if a particular medication is suitable for you, do not hesitate to bring it over.
If you have binoculars, please bring them with you, it will certainly be most welcome for wildlife viewing. Most trips happen during the midnight sun period, it is therefore not necessary to bring any flashlight. A small lamp can nevertheless be useful when searching inside a cubbyhole or a bag. For the other trips, a headlamp is very useful.


Some days may be warm (up to 15/20 deg C) and sunny but there may also be times of cold blustery winds even in midsummer. Water temperature is around 9 deg C
If you already have the equipment you are all set. For the others, please do not forget:

  • A sufficient number of underwear.
  • Outer garments of quick drying polar fibre.
  • Warm socks.
  • Water proof & mountain gloves.
  • Hat, hood or ear-muffs.
  • A parka or anorak with a stand-up collar.

On board “Southern Star”:

Only for Summer hiking sailing trip,  Non-skid sea/plastic high-cut boots are usefull when landing on shore with the dinghy. Hunter boots are ideal because they are high, with grip, perfect for all types of terrains. For all the others stays onboard “Southern Star” (Multi-activity, whale watching, snoeshoeing, skiing) plastic boots are not necessary.
Waterproof overall trousers and jackets, to wear on top of your anorak and polar fibre pants.
Comfortable slippers for your own comfort inside the boat.
If you have or can borrow a weatherproof parka with an attached harness, then bring it along. We are always harnessed to a lifeline when we move on deck. Otherwise of course, there are harnesses on board.
Warning: No laundry on board after the departure, even by hand.
Short and t-shirt: sometimes, it is possible to be on deck wearing those during nice sunny days.

Travel Documents


Physical Condition

Good physical health is essential but you do not have to be in top competitive shape.
It is important that you wish to give of your very best while participating in this adventure.
If you are taking any medication, then you must be sure that you are carrying more than enough with you. We are always in a quite easy reach of medical assistance.

To participate you need to be in a physical good shape enough to hold :

  • Hiking : 200 to 600 meters off track, duration 4 to 5 hours (From Sommarøy, prior access by bikes, 10 kms round trip)
  • Biking : circuits between 28 and 50 kilometers for the day with stops to catch the ferry to and from  Senja + Picnic
  • Hobie sailing kayak : Around 5 hours of navigation during the day
  • “Southern Star” : 4 hours sailing by day + hiking 200 to 600 meters off track. You do have to be able to move freely and easily around the boat and embark on to the dinghy without any assistance.


Major Credit Cards work everywhere. You will not need to carry extra currency.

Photo – Electronic

Bring enough extra batteries. The cold is very hard on batteries and it is terrible to be unable to take pictures for that reason.
Available on board “Southern Star” : 220 V European standard in every cabin, USB, 12 V with cigaret plug on the chart table
220 V and 12 V chargers are OK.

Music, Video and DVD

Player device with USB Input (iPod, Smartphone, iPhone)
Flat Screen Monitor with Mac and PC Input (HDMI and USB)
DVD Player. For the Multi-Sports trips, it is sometimes very interesting to watch again the daily scenes.

Transit Oslo

Arriving in Oslo from abroad with SAS or Norwegian, it’s not necessary to collect your luggage. Just follow the instructions. You will be invited to go the a special gate, wait for your name to appear on a TV screen and identify the picture of your luggage, then you are clear with Norwegian custom.  Travelling with other companies, you will need to collect your luggage and proceed through customs even though you are registered all the way to Tromsø. A counter at Departure level  will allow you to send your luggage back to the plane easily.


With an International Subscription it will work close to shore and near a town or village, it means almost everywhere. For kayaks activities, you will need a waterproof case to keep it available at all time. No way to charge it during the trip. take an extra battery pack with you.
The best is to plan to be out of touch for the duration of your trip. The break will only add to the charm of your Northern Norway Experience.

Personal insurance

For those who embark in Spitsbergen, bring a justification of your personal travel insurance with you. Local authorities could ask for it.