Our philosophy

69NORD was born from the willingness to carry on expeditions projects always with great ardour, but also more peacefully to accommodate those who wish to discover these regions on a sportive and participative way, taking advantage of our experience and our passion for the Great North. All our guides and instructors are experts and enthusiasts in their respective field and have an extensive experience of the environment which is theirs. Our team includes between 3 and 13 people depending on the season and expeditions.

At the office and in the field, a close and direct contact with any of our partners is a precious quality.

For 15 years, the successive campaigns of “Southern Star” took us to the Northern regions where ice and polar bears are king. 13 years of discovery and enchantment that allowed many to share with us a fascinating world, to discover landscapes and unreal atmospheres while being guided by a professional and curious team. This period allowed us to have a great pleasure from Spitsbergen to Bering Strait by learning each day from nature and shared human experiences.

In line with our philosophy, since 2015 the formulas of the 69NORD SOMMARØY OUTDOOR CENTER keeps this level of requirement so that your stay in Norway will  be a total success.

The special care given to our tailor-made trips, whether it be related to comfort, safety, sport instruction, maintenance or relevance of the embarked hardware on the one hand, or authenticity, good atmosphere and the field expertise on the other hand, has allowed us to build over the years a great reputation in the world of tourism and polar expeditions.

Our Commitments

69NORD is involved in the local advisory groups for ornithology, whale watching among others and more generally committed to remain responsible and an actor for a tourism that respects nature and wilderness.

69NORD is a member of AECO (Association for Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators), ISSA (International Sailing School Association), CCFN (French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce), the Chamber of Commerce of Tromsø, Visit Tromsø and the Norwegian Guarantee Fond for Tourism Operators.

Association for Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators
Association for Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators
Chambre de Commerce de Tromsø
Tromsø’s Chamber of Commerce
International Sailing School Association
International Sailing School Association
Chambre de Commerce Franco Norvégienne
French Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund
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