35 years of experience

Any guided trip that we present online is the result of 35 years (25 in polar region) of experience dedicated to the adventure and tourism. 69Nord is a designer, producer and distributor of its stays.
By contacting our office, you are sure to get a quick response, precise, personalized and adapted to each of your requests.

Our office relays real-time information and reverts to enquiries from our agents and clients 7/365.

© Knut Vibe
© Knut Vibe

French-Norwegian operator

Mastering all local strings, we work hand in hand with the local authorities : Troms region and Tromsø port authorities, the Governor of Svalbard, the Ministry of Environment, the Coast Guards, the Norwegian Polar Institute, universities, national parks and nature reserves, WWF Arctic, which support our operations. Established since 2002 in the Troms region, we have gained awareness about the North-Norwegian culture.

Since the beginning of 69 Nord’s activities, it is interesting to note that field operations never suffered from delays or customers’ complain. Customers’ satisfaction is unanimous.

© Evelyne Meyer
© Evelyne Meyer

Safety requirement

Our sailing yacht “Southern Star” is equipped with all cold water safety equipment (survival suits and life rafts). She is based all over the year north of the Arctic circle, she is technically adapted to polar regions (insulation, heating, ventilation, condensation).

Our sailing kayaks trips also meet such safety requirement. Gear & equipment are chosen for its reliability and robustness. Selection has been based on experience and field constraints first.

A rigorous organization, no matter the activity, a tight monitoring in logistics has helped us to meet very ambitious challenges while maintaining comfort and safety at the forefront of our priorities.

© Olivier Pitras
© Olivier Pitras

Let us accompany you to meet the Arctic

Our participatory trips have been developed for customers usually having a busy professional activity, therefore relaxing moments are not forgotten. A good participation from all, brings a positive achievement of the trip and allows to set up an excellent group dynamics.

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