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Our base is located at latitude 69°38′ north, in Sommarøy, 55 kms from Tromsø downtown, northern Norway.
We organize guided hiking sailing trips and excursions, trips with sailing kayaks (Hobie Tandem Island & Adventure Island), hiking, fishing and climbing. We also rent  seakayaks, SUP and bikes

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All our trips are supervised by professional sports instructors.

69Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center - author Gøran Mikkelsen
69Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center – author Gøran Mikkelsen

The wild coast of Troms is a unique region of its kind. We are on the border of the overlapping area between forests and the midnight sun. No other region in the world has the privilege to offer this authentic arctic feeling with two months of Midnight Sun and two months of Polar Night while enjoying the trees that give a warm and caring dimension to landscapes. Certainly they are not very big and stop around 400 meters but they are there, Arctic birch and beech and can boast of being the northernmost trees of our beautiful planet in terms of vertical development . This “green Arctic” has no equivalent, owed to the Gulf Stream that runs along the coast of Norway to the North Cape. Let’s add stunning granite mountains and we have the perfect combination to make lovers of great nature happy.

© maxime Delva
© maxime Delva

This is why we have decided to establish our 69Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center in this region.

The coastal region that we propose to discover is very little known from the Norwegian people themselves, being inaccessible by road to a large extent. The expression “Off the beaten track” takes its full dimension here although we are an hour away by car from downtown Tromsø. It is the privilege to be installed at the boundary of the fjords and wide open sea.

The wild coast of Troms is a fascinating area, beautiful and powerful that leaves no one indifferent.

In this context we propose to share emotions and adventure, winter and summer, whether by watching the whales under the northern lights or otters and migratory birds under the midnight sun.

On board the polar sailboat Southern Star or on Hobie kayaks, you can go for adventures for several days or alternatively stay around the island for the day. Adding the SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboards) and VTC (bike) activities, we can offer to anyone a personal formula to enjoy a rejuvenating nature in an authentic and relaxed atmosphere.

Our Center hosts the northernmost Hobie Island Club and Hobie SUP Club.


Olivier Pitras

Olivier Pitras portrait - author Knut Vibe- DSC_7887-2

Olivier Pitras, Owner and director of “69Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center”, has founded 69NORD® in 2002