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This trip is on request only, The description is made for Spitsbergen but keep in mind that we can design such a program around Tromsø too. Please make contact.
The Team building journey we offer in collaboration with the company “EFILIA Conseil” is a unique experience on board our 24-meter polar sailing ship “Southern Star”.

Take off with your team beyond the borders of the Great North. Here, the sea, glaciers and mountains intertwine to form a maze of fjords of breathtaking beauty. Together, on the very site of polar explorations, we will draw the parallel between the steps that a team goes through when facing an unknown or uncertain situation and those experienced by polar navigators and explorers.
This Team building program was conceived by “EFILIA Conseil” and integrates an approach deriving from team coaching. Discover “the hero’s journey” and develop lasting co-creation, co-responsibility and co-protection with your group.
This exclusive trek is ideal for directing comities. It emerged from the meeting and friendship of two “men of the field”.

· Emmanuel FOUREST
Director EFILIA Conseil, is Human Resources consultant and company coach.
Specialized in the dynamics of change within organizations, his experience as DHR of groups and consultant to directing comities and leaders gives him the edge to answer the present preoccupations of teams going through constant change.


· Olivier Pitras
Skipper, High-sea Guide and Nature Guide, is the first Frenchman to have sailed through the Northwest passage in 1999. He directed the expedition “Around North America” in 2008-2009, bearing witness to climate change.
True-blue lover of the Arctic, where he has been living for the past 15 years, he is actively involved in preserving it and passionate about communicating his love for it.


The philosophy of the journey consists in traveling on the “road of the Hero”, while fully enjoying nature’s fantastic bounty in the Spitzberg. Most of the workshops developed by Emmanuel Fourest can take place on the field or within the confine of the boat. In as much as will be possible, we will give priority to the field. No extreme notion.

      Un carré convivial à bord du Southen Star

This adventure unravels in the Isfjord, the Spitzberg’s main fjord. It is vast and presents an incredible variety of landscapes emerging from very different geological origins. There are many maritime glaciers.
The area over which we travel is protected from the great high-sea swell, often giving the impression that we are navigating on high-altitude lakes rather than on the sea.
Every night, we will be moored. ”Southern Star” is a first-class base camp, offering all the comfort and warmth that are necessary to live in harmony with arctic nature. ”Southern Star” is based year round in Tromsø. Consequently, the technical preparation of the boat and its safety gear are adapted to polar regions.

Supervision by professional coach, 3 or 4 days of new adventure.
For groups of 9 persons.

Personal gear you’ll need to take along:

Ski clothing will do for navigation. However, you will imperatively need high waterproof boots to land from the boat onto the beach. It isn’t necessary that these be sailing boots: gardening boots will do and will allow you to walk through most of the terrain we will explore.
The following is a list of suggested gear (please consult the “luggage, clothing” sections in our advice to travelers).
- 0°C sleeping bag, single-bed sheet, pillow case
- walking shoes
- fleece long johns
- Gore-tex overs
- long-sleeved breathing T-shirt
- rain-proof jacket
- warm gloves/thin gloves/muffs
- hat/hood
- several pairs of warm socks
- ski mask

Physical condition:

This journey requires fair physical condition. No need to be a sailing or walking pro. Treks will be adjusted to the group’s level of expertise. Motivated beginners are welcome.

Exploration area:

The areas in which we will navigate and trek in the Isfjord (Spitsbergen) are: Tryghamna, Ymerbukta, Borebukta, Nordfjorden, Eckmanfjorden, Dicksonfjorden, Billefjorden and Templefjorden.

Contacts :

Emmanuel Fourest : +33 (0) 6 27 23 33 56

Olivier Pitras : +47 993 62 570

Roger Pitras : +33 (0) 5 56 58 50 42




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