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Musée Fram
Fram museum of Oslo
Partnair Expedition 2014 Groenland/Ellesmere

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   Winter : Ski Sailing – Northern Norway
   Summer : Expedition Greenland - Baffin Bay
   Trips on request
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Winter : Ski Sailing Northern Norway, Lyngen Alps
(February - April)

Lyngen Alps (Sommarøy, Sommarøy)

Duration : one week, from 22th Feb to 26th April
Ski Guiding : licensed High Mountain Guide
Price : 2400 €/personne


Ski Sailing 1 : from Saturday 22th Feb 7:00 pm to Saturday 1st March 9:00 am
Ski Sailing 2 : from Saturday 1st 7:00 pm to Saturday 8th March 9:00 am
Ski Sailing 3 : from Saturday 8th 7:00 pm to Saturday 15th March 9:00 am
Ski Sailing 4 : from Saturday 15th 7:00 pm to Saturday 22th March 9:00 am
Ski Sailing 5 : from Saturday 22th 7:00 pm to Saturday 29th March 9:00 am
Ski Sailing 6 : from Saturday 29th March 7:00 pm to Saturday 5th April 9:00 am
Ski Sailing 7 : from Saturday 5th 7:00 pm to Saturday 12th April 9:00 am
Ski Sailing 8 : from Saturday 12th 7:00 pm to Saturday 19th April 9:00 am
Ski Sailing 9 : from Saturday 19th 7:00 pm to Saturday 26th April 9:00 am

Options by email : info@69nord.com

General conditions

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Summer : Fram's second expedition / West Groenland - Ellesmere
(May - September)

In 2014, « Southern Star » will set sail from Tromsø end of May for a four months sailing expedition towards Iceland, Baffin bay, north west Greenland, Ellesmere and Devon canadian islands. A four months expedition ; 9000 nautical milles of polar adventure splitted in 8 legs from and to : Tromsø, Reykjavik, Nuuk, Ilulissat, Upernavik, Qaanaaq.

This expedition contains 3 types of navigations:

- The offshore navigations:
Tromsø - Reykjavik / Reykjavik - Nuuk (round Trip)

- The coastal navigations Greenland west coast:
Nuuk - Ilulissat / Ilulissat - Upernavik

- The semi-coastal navigations Greenland northwest - Ellesmere:
Upernavik - Qaanaaq / Qaanaaq - Nuuk

See the descriptif of the navigations


More details

Plan to arrive the day before the departure and to leave the following morning the arrival.
For more information about the flight, download our document.

1.Offshore : Norway (Tromsø) - Island (Reykjavik)
Duration : 14 days, from Friday 23th may to Thursday 5th June Price : 2300 €/pers
2. Offshore : Island (Reykjavik) - Greenland (Nuuk)
Duration : 13 days, from Tuesday 10th to Sunday 22th June
Price : 2500 €/pers
3. Greenland west coast : Nuuk - Ilulissat
Duration : 12 days, from Wednesday 25th to Sunday 6th July
Price :3800 €/pers
4. Greenland west coast : Ilulissat - Upernavik
Duration : 11 days, from Friday 11th to Monday 21th July
Price : 3800 €/pers
5. GreenlandNorth west : Upernavik - Qaanaaq
Duration : 13 days, from Thursday 24th July to Tuesday 5th August
Price : 4000 €/pers
6. GreenlandNorth west : Qaanaaq - Nuuk (Ellesmere, Jones sound, Grise fjord, north Devon)
Duration : 26 days, from Thursday 7th August to Monday 1st September
7. Offshore : Greenland (Nuuk) - Island (Reykjavik)
Duration : 15 days, from Thursday 4th to Thursday 18th September
Price : 2000 €/pers
8. Offshore : Island (Reykjavik) - Norway (Tromsø)
Duration : 12 days, from Monday 22th Sept to Friday 3rd October
Price : 2000 €/pers


General conditions

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Trips on request  
  • Team building
  • Ice Hiking Sailing
  • Paragliding Sailing
  • information 69NORD France : info@69nord.com / Tel : 0033 5 56 58 50 42

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    Further information trips and price

    For all our stays, the boarding is immediate.

    Rates include: full board and lodging.
    For food, Harbor fees and diesel included, skipper and crew and guide

    Rates not included: flights*, transfers from and to airport, Personal Insurance, any alcoholic beverages, wine or beer. Communication from the boat through satellite Iridium telephone. The equipment ski and personal safety in mountain (shovel, probe, ARVA) for the trip Ski / Sail.

          * flights for the Northern Europe (in particular Spitsbergen) being often overbooked in summer period, we advise you to book your ticket as soon as possible (on internet or with your travel agency).


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