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This trip is on request only from a group for exclusive booking. Reservation have to be done prior to December 1st the year before.
This journey is custom-made for paragliding schools wishing to take a group over to the Spitzberg or a private group.
A paragliding instructor is mandatory, we can provide one if needed.

We place at your disposal our sound knowledge of the Spitzberg and our experience in paragliding and sailing, together with the comfort and safety of our sailboat. This is a unique opportunity to discover the Spitzberg in all its dimensions.

Parapente au Spitsberg: Décollage sur Nansen Breen Icefield
Photo Mathias Fargeot

 Organization on board is the same as for our Sailing journeys (see tips and information and answers to frequently asked questions). Every participant is a crew member and shares in the life on board according to his or her gifts and skills. If you have no prior sailing experience, it's not a problem: you will learn very fast


Stopovers are organized to accomodate paragliding. If flying conditions are good, you can expect to fly everyday, certainly most days.
We sail through the magnificent Isfjord and the Forlandsundet, so as not to spend too much time getting from one gliding spot to the next.

  In this navigation area, glaciers and moorings abound – the choice is ours.


  The philosophy of the journey is to take in what fantastic nature has to offer by discovering the Spitzberg's most beautiful spots. The idea is not one of reaching extremes. Very few paragliders have flown over the Spitzberg. Sites are therefore virgin and unrecorded. For these reasons, pilots must hold at least the "autonomous pilot" certification and have an IPPI licence. The group must be accompanied by a certified instructor. Pilots who wish to come with their non-gliding partner are welcome.

Parapente au Spitsberg

Our travelling base camp is very comfortable – with a breathtaking view of the site!
 The rate for non-gliding crew members is the same as for a sailing journey.

Day 0 : Arrival at Longyearbyen at 11:30 p.m. Boarding.
Day 1: Escape to Longyearbyen-town for last purchases. Preparations for setting sail. Departure at 2:00 p.m. for 12 days of PARAGLIDING & SAILING.
Day 12: Return to Longyearbyen around 3:00 p.m.
Day 12 + 1: Departure from Longyearbyen at 8:30 a.m.

Parapente au Spitsberg


  For questions regarding the sailing aspects of the journey, please consult Sailing and discovery

  You may also contact us at olivier@69nord.com




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