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This trip is on request only from a group for exclusive booking. Reservation have to be done prior to December 1st the year before.
You’re a mountain guide or a bunch of friends, do not hesitate to contact us.
For this trip, a licensed mountain guide is mandatory, we can provide one.

Fréderic Defay

In the Spitzberg, mountains, glaciers and the sea intertwine to form a labyrinth of fjords which allow for the practice of activities linked to these elements. The unusual alliance of sea and mountain only makes sense here.

With our sailboat, a true travelling base camp, we get ever so close to each hiking spot. And our floating chalet hops from one scenery to another each day!

This journey is designed for hikers who love nature and travel. The philosophy of the journey is to enjoy fully what fantastic nature has to offer in the Spitzberg through the discovery of the region's most beautiful spots. The idea is not one of reaching extremes

The adventure unravels in the Isfjord, the Spitzberg's main fjord. It is vast and offers an incredible variety of landscapes with different geological origins.

The region is breathtakingly beautiful: it is here that you will discover a new hike every day organized according to weather conditons and the group's level. The area through which we travel is protected from high sea swell, giving the impression that we are navigating on high-altitude lakes rather than the sea.

In this idyllic setting, our team of professional instructors (high mountain guide and high sea guide) handles logistics, so you may take full advantage of the site in all safety and comfort.

The interface between sea and mountain does not allow for improvisation. The combination of the two makes necessary an excellent knowledge of the field as well as close collaboration within the "sea/mountain” team. Each day, we drop you off on the beach, at the foot of the glacier. About ten hikes will thus be organized in the course of your stay, weather conditions allowing. Back and forth, round trip or hiking through, there are about twenty possible high-quality hikes.

No-one to date has proposed and conducted this type of journey. We will thus have the pleasure and advantage to discover together these new ways and inroads. It is possible that the hikes may not all be systematically through ice, as there are several spots not to be missed which do not require landing on the glacier. We've known and travelled all sites for the past eight years in the course of our Sailing/Nature and Paragliding/Sailing trips.

Every evening, we will be moored. ”Southern Star” is a first-class base camp, which offers all the comfort and warmth necessary to live in harmony with arctic nature. Clothing is stretched out to dry in a designated area of the boat every night. ”Southern Star” is based year-round in Tromsø. Technical preparation of the boat and safety gear on board are thus adapted to polar regions.

At this time of year, midnight sun reigns. No risk to get caught by nightfall. Navigation areas include Tryghamna, Ymerbukta, Borebukta, Nordfjorden, Eckmanfjorden, Dicksonfjorden, Billefjorden and Templefjorden. Weather conditions depending, we may be able to go as far as Forlandsundet (the bit of sea that separates the Spitzberg from Prince Charles Island) and Jonsfjorden.


Southern Star, camp de base du programme Ski et voile dans les Alpes de Lyngen    Thomas Cruse    Ski dans les Alpes de Lyngen

Personal gear you'll need:

Mountain clothing will do for navigation. However, you will absolutely need tall waterproof boots, in order to jump from the drop-off boat onto the beach and before you put on your hiking boots. It isn't necessary that these boots be saling boots: gardening boots will do.

Personal technical gear:

- waterproof studded mountain shoes (hard or semi hard)
- 2 telescopic sticks
- 1 back pack (about 30 liters)
- 1 thermos


- warm fleece underpants
- Gore tex slacks
- hiking gaiters
- breathe-through long-sleeve t-shirt
- fleece jacket
- duvet jacket
- Gore tex jacket
- warm gloves/light gloves/muffs
- hat/hood
- several pairs of warm socks
- ski mask

Technical gear which may be at your disposal (if you have this gear already, you may as well bring it along)

- studs/crampons
- ice axe
- harness
- 2 screw lock carabiners

Transportation of mountain gear from France:

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) offers a special luggage fee for 20 Euros: this allows you to take along a heavy piece of luggage without having to pay exorbitant overweight fees.


This « Ice hiking/Saling » trip requires a good physical condition. This said, it isn't necessary to be a staunch practionner of the 10-point crampon walk to join in the adventure. Rope and crampon techniques will be taught. Hikes will be adjusted to meet the groups technical level. Motivated beginners are welcome. Following the glacier, it is possible to climb small peaks presenting about 600 meters positive height difference.

Your guides:

Hiking logistics will be handled by a professional high mountain guide. Sailing is managed by a professional high sea guide.

Life on board, organization, sleeping bag, sheet, pillow case, etc.

As to all these, the «Ice Hiking Sailing» journeys are similar to our our «Hiking/Sailing» journeys. Please refer to our «Hiking/Sailing» section.



Isfjord. Possible extension into Forlandsundet and Jonsfjorden, depending on weather conditions.




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