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Hiking Sailing into Spitsbergen


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Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators

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Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators
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The places we shall visit on these Hiking Sailing adventure are a fabulous wonderland of strength and beauty. The mountains and the sea join in a symphony with the colours of the midnight sun.
If the spirit of adventure, exploration, and good fellowship, plus an interest in a fragile ecosystem are values that you hold important... then there is a place on board reserved for you.

On board our sail boat, everyone will act as a genuine crew member, tailored to his ability, which will improve as we travel along. Total beginners in sailing will be accepted. all in order to give you the profit of our sailing instructor experience adapted to polar zone. We are thinking that is a much more uplifted experience to be a part of the crew than to be a single passenger.

All of this is possible while enjoying relaxing time impregnated with magnificent arctic landscapes, while discovering the fauna and flora of these regions. During Hiking activity you will enjoy the Spitsberg in 3D, there is nothing extreme here. Average trips are from two to four hours and up to 300 / 400 meters.



Indicative program :

Embarking, on Sunday evenning right away from the airport to the boat. 

Day 1  : Monday morning, visit of Longyearbyen downtown, departure around 1PM.

Day 2 to 12 : navigation Northward along the North West coast. We’re sailing through the strait between Spitsbergen and Prins Karl Forland Island. We’ll call in Isfjord, Forlandsundet, King’s Bay, Magdalena fjord, Smeerenburg fjord, Dannish Island, Raudfjord. In 10 years, we had discovered and experienced numerous anchorages which fit with excellent hiking on shore, much more than we can do within a 12 days trips. This « spécial 10 years collection » will give us the best choice and opportunity according with weather condition, ice and nature in général.

Back on Friday evening in Longyearbyen. Disembarking for the plane on Saturday morning.



17 polar campaigns (11 onboard Southern Star).
Two success through the North West passage.
A successful sailing polar trip is a matter of experience.

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