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« Around North America »

The expédition related in a serie of 4 x 52’ (in English and French). Film director Thierry Robert

12 months ; 100 crewmembers ; 110 interviews ; 40 000 kms ; 9 seas ; 9 countries and 1 target : bring witnesses of climate change from all climate and unhabitants of Northern hemispher.

Injam Production, Planète Thalassa, Cinaps TV, 69NORD
Publisher of the DVD : Association 69NORD

Price  : 20€ + shipping


The “Around North America 2008-2009” journey around the North American continent was undertaken to understand better the causes and the dangers – and also the challenges – of climate change.

Twelve months and 21 ports of call were crossed to address the stakes of climate change on the environment and also on the ecology, the economy, society, institutions and politics. These documentary serie have been considered on the international, regional and local scales, and many sectors of activity were covered. At each main port of call, a different theme has been tackled creating opportunities to interact with actors of climate change: scientists, political decision-makers, industrialists, NGO’s, citizens, artists, etc. These events provided concrete illustrations of the themes under discussion and have constituted a series of testimonies as to the realities of climate change and the solutions that have been implemented to address them without falling in the catastrophic and pessimistic scenario.