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Musée Fram
Fram museum of Oslo
Partnair Expedition 2014 Groenland/Ellesmere

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28 August - 20:00 local time
65°24' N - 052°53 W

5h00 :We sail at 8.5 knots with the yankee under outrigger, it works perfectly well. We were admiring an fantastic aurora today, could be a view on the side, incredibly dense, southwards and as I have never seen in 20 years of observation. Difficult to describe exactly but it was like a gush of energy or lava, fluid and dense, but upside down, from top to bottom. A fascinating phenomenon that hast last for about a minute. Northern light activity has last the whole night long and sometimes with a high intensity, green or red lights and moving.
Needless to say the crew is deeply satisfied, after such a nice day in the countryside of Greenland. Now we go to the city and should arrive around 6 pm, where I hope we'll be able to berth, ideally.


On the tracks of the Fram's second expedition

expédition Fram

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