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69Nord is member of :

Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators
Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators

Chambre de Commerce Franco-Norvégienne
French Norwegian chamber of commerce

Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators
Tromsø Chamber of Commerce

International Sailing School Association
International Sailing School Association


Olivier pitras
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Our strong points

69 NORD offers you to discover the Arctic European area through 4 major directions : Sports, tourism, communication and media

 69 NORD is operating from Tromsø, Northern Norway

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At the office as well as during our expeditions, a close contact with our partners is a precious quality. Our ability, rich of 25 years of experience dedicated to the tourism and the adventure (17 in polar zone) is the guarantee of the high quality of our services

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Découvrir le Grand Nord
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69 NORD is now a team. Its members are a unique, talented and diverse collection of souls who have chosen to pursue greats human endeavor. From big expeditions to touristic trips, we're offering the same high level of skills and passion.

Our services for individual and companies can go from the single consultation to the total conception and realisation of touristic trips in relation with sport and nature or events and communication projects in relation with the maritime and/or the Arctic environment. Our special position between France and Norway, gives norwegian companies a good opportunity to consult us for their similar projects in France.

  Thank you all, and welcome aboard

  Olivier PITRAS

Our +  :

An office open 7 days a week for your inquiries.

Norwegian operator, Good local knowledge from all point of view. We’re working in close relation with local administrations and tourism actors : governor of Svalbard, Norwegian polar institute, National parks, WWF Arctic program, Norwegian ministry of the environment, Norwegian coast guards. Better understanding of the norwegian culture.

25 years of sailing expédition in remote places give us the capability to hold ambitious project in a professional way while keeping security and comfort at the heart of our préoccupations.

Our participative trips are designed for our busy clients. There is nothing extrême. We take the time to enjoy the outdoor, no rush.

11 years of activity in Svalbard and Northern Europe. Huge expérience of the fields (security, comfort, observation of the nature). The satisfaction of our guests is unanimous. 69NORD was the first to organize a sailing trip open to the public through the North West passage onboard a sailing boat.

Our boat is equiped with cold water safety equipment (survival suit, life raft). She is based all year long north of the polar circle. She is technically prepared for Arctic program (Heater, isolation, condensation)


Who is Olivier Pitras?

  • Manager of 69NORD, off shore and naturalist guide
  • Author of the book "La voie des glaces" Editions Transboréal 2001
  • Author of the film "La route du Pôle" de C. Neurisse (52', Yenta Prod / Arsenal Prod / Image Plus)
  • Author of the documentary serie 4x52' "Around North America" , Thierry Robert (Injam Prod / Planête Thalassa / Cinaps TV / 69NORD
  • Author of the documentary "L'ALLEE DES GLACES" 52', Frédéric Jouve (Kissthesea & Theorem / 2011)
  • Read more about Olivier Pitras


    69NORD is a member of :

    AECO (Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators). AECO works in cooperation with biologists and with considerable input from the Governor of Svalbard, the Norwegian Polar Institute, the Norwegian ministry of Environment and the WWF's Arctic Program Office to offer you first quality ecotourism trips.

    ISSA (International Sailing School Association)

    CCFN (French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce)

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